A bit of Shade

To make the van living area bigger in good weather, to keep cooler in the obviously permanent excellent sunny weather we will always have on our travels and to keep other vans away, we’ve plumbed for a 4m Fiamma F65s awning.

Fitting the awning is fairly straightforward, but you need to make sure the mounting brackets are all in line (in all planes) along the length on the van. The aluminium wedges supplied with the bespoke Sprinter kit are crap and too small, so I fabricated some of my own. You will definitely need two people to mount the awning itself as its quite heavy. I have visions of travelling with a slight left side tilt!

A good dose of Sikaflex on all the holes and treat the bare metal and thats just about it. The only extra job to do if you want is to mount the support leg fixtures on the side of the van.


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