Keeping it Warm / Cool

IMG_1720[4]Insulation is very important in camper vans, not only to keep the heat in, but to keep as much out in hot countries as possible. It’s not perfect as vans are not well insulated in many areas its hard to get, but you can make an enormous difference.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I opted for single glazed bonded windows for their looks, which means we will need good thermal window covers, whether thats blinds or curtains. Not got to that point yet. Also the cab has quite bit of insulation missing that’s impossible to get to without considerable effort and the risk of messing up complex systems operations.

We’ve insulated everything we can see and reasonably get to with the theory that our chosen gas powered Propex HS2000 will keep us warm and the van will be as cool as possible with good fly screening and doors left open for the through draft on a night. I am planning to fit mains powered rooftop zircon and carrier a small generator for hot countries.

I’ve used double foil bubble wrap through out, including he floor for the main insulation, which in the main has been placed over the top of 50mm of synthetic hollow fill fibre. The foil bubble wrap is just that. It is standard bubble wrap with a layer of silver foil on both sides. This will also act as our vapour barrier to stop condensation getting to the internal steel surfaces of the van, causing rust.

Its a fairly labour intensive job involving lots of spray glue and duct tape to completely cover all surfaces. We will then cover the insulation with the van finish. We’ve chosen a fairly standard ‘caravan’ beige 3mm ply.



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