Flooring was an easy decision. We had a caravan years ago with carpets which got filthy very quickly with a dog and we ended up cutting them out and replacing with lino.

Over the years I have tried laying lino or cushion flooring and found it very difficult to lay accurately around things. The greatest thing ever invented in flooring is Amtico strip flooring or Karndean. It’s expensive, but easy to lay well, lasts forever and looks good providing you base layer is smooth.

So looking out for a light wood effect Amtico which was enough for the van (7sqm) and had been left over from someones project, I grabbed exactly the right amount on eBay for a fraction of the real cost. For those who don’t know Amtico is ‘plastic’ planking with a tough lookylikey effect on the top. It’s only 3 mm thick, easy to cut and because its in thin strips easy to handle.

First job was to insulate the floor to keep our tootsies warm, relay the original Mercedes flooring and cover it with good quality 9mm ply, screwing it down to the Merc floor every 6″ square to prevent lifting, speaking etc.

Then you simple spread the glue (I had it left over from a kitchen refurb in our previous house) and lay it with each row half a plank on from the last.

I finished it all off with some carefully cut aluminium angle to protect the edges on the from and rear of the raised bed floor and around the side door step.

Quite pleased with the finish and we can pop a rug in between the beds if we fancy a bit more comfort!!



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