Somewhere to eat and sleep…zzzzz

A bit of a pause since my last post, but that’s been due to a rather short notice trip (3 hours) for a trip to Adelaide on business. My first visit to Australia, and definitely on the list of places the van will go to!

I’ve been messing about trying to figure out the best option for beds in the van. I want two single beds that pull out to meet in the middle to make a double, but push back to be sofas through the day. I considered making them out of wood having read a few plans and reports on slide out beds, but I’m not that good at woodwork, so started looking for some pre fabricated ones.

I’m sure there are plenty of manufacturers out there, but I could only find someone down south who made mild steel framed ones that cost a fortune and wouldn’t deliver. Then I came across Kintech in Hull who make beds for static caravans in aluminium, with gas strut opening, slide outs etc. Looking at their sizes they are not really suitable for a Sprinter, but I was prepared to buy them and cut them to fit. That’s until I rang them and after a bit of discussion, they agreed to make me a bespoke set. Brilliant, what service! Not particularly cheap, but really well made and powder coated, so at £680 for the lot it was comparable with the others I’d seen, but much better.

I’ve spent the day fitting them and all is well, just need upholstery now.




imageI Also bought two front seat swivels and a small circular table and leg for the front of the van, so we can have a quick coffee or snack without getting the ‘big’ table out every time. Seems to work well, with enough room for 3 to sit comfortably.







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