Walls and lights and fans..

 Well another day on the van and I feel I’ve moved along a bit. I’ve also got 6 days off work from Tuesday to Sunday, so you should see a big difference (hopefully!)

I’ve not fitted almost all of the wall panelling and I can quite categorically say it’s not the most notable part of the build. Being so thin it shows very little deviation from the norm with waves and bumps, which have taken a lot of effort to get rid off (nearly). The main issue is the insulation, which I’ve been enthusiastic with, so any small amount trapped behind a board results in the bumps and waves. You need 6 arms and 24 hands to manage the panels, fitting it into the trim and then screwing self tappers into the van. Once you’ve found the framework. The meeting of the walls and ceiling exacerbate the waviness, but once the top lockers are up it will be nice and neat! Starting to make excuses now??

But to be fair it looks pretty good. I’m sure a professional will look and hopefully not comment, but think ‘bloody hell’.

I’ve also fitted the new interior main lights from Labcraft. They are twin switched LEDs which I like because they have a techno functional look. Reading lights and a smattering of mood LEDs to follow.

The last piece today was the finishing of fitting the Fiamma turbo fan in the roof. I had to fabricate an extension piece for the knob that opens the cover on top (that’s not me by the way). So all in all things are starting to look a little finished.
The final piece of equipment has been supplied by the Minister for Sport, Tourism and other things in South Australia on my recent visit….thanks Leon… Shall be opened on our first trip! Although he did warn me not to drink it, it was the label that caught his eye.

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