Somewhere to wash and……

Right. When we were deciding on which type and size of van, a shower room we could stand in, with blown air heating and a loo was a must. This is mainly because of a desire to live off grid as much as possible, although we will use campsites from time to time. We’ve also decided not to go for a cassette toilet, but one of the new Thetford Portapotti’s, mainly due to space, but I want to cut a few holes as possible in the outer skin of the van.

I have tried to get a couple of contacts to make the furniture/bathroom for me as I’m no cabinet maker, but all shied away, so a bit of reading and Youtube watching, how hard can it be. Well to be fair not that hard providing you gave the right kit. My nemesis with joinery has been jointing, so looking around I figured pocket screwing is the future. I’ve bought a Kreg Pocket Screw jig which is great. Basically you clamp the jig on your wood and use the special drill bit. Hey presto, perfect screwing every time!




So a bit of measuring, a template for the curve of the walls using cardboard and Bobs your uncle. The template was pretty easy by cutting cardboard to the full height and at least wide enough for the curve of the wall to be drawn on it. Then a piece of wood to run down the wall at right angles, with a pencil held to draw the profile on the cardboard, cut it out and there you have it. At least I know hat I mean.

Using the Pocket Hole Jig I made sure there were lots of fixings for all panels to screw to each other and to the van.

I’ve also cut and fixed the sides and ends of the beds to make large storage boxes with the lift up lids and a bulkhead for the end which will be next to the cooker to prevent burning or staining form splashes.


Finally, I measured out the bulkhead above the front seats to house all the switches and meters. I’ll finish this tomorrow.


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