A Motorhome at Last!!!

It’s been a short while since my last update, but that’s due to work and other things cropping up, but the van has not stood idle. Don’t be fooled by the title, we’re not finished yet, but an important step has been reached. We now have an officially registered ‘motor caravan’ with the DVLA changing it status.


This is an important step as I can now legally get the 56mph speed limiter removed, so motorway travel isn’t quite so painfully slow. To be fair, I may still travel at that speed when I see the mpg fall. Currently the van is returning approximately 33-34mpg, so can’t complain.

The process of re registration is a fairly simple one. You need to complete certain works and have the van looking pretty much completed to apply by sending your V5 to the DVLa, together with photographs of the work and a selection of receipts. Hey presto an amended reg doc was returned. The worst that can happen is they will require your vehicle to be examined to ensure it is a genuine conversion.

You can find more information here….


Building the interior has moved on a pace, but as previously mentioned I’ve made few steps backwards, which I suppose is a natural consequence of first time diy. I bought ‘T’ profile trim which if hammered into a slot cut along the edge of melamine boards as a way of finishing panels. However, no matter how careful, it always seems to have a slight waviness and occasionally didn’t completely cover the board edge. I appreciate this was down to my lack of expertise, but all the same looked crap. Also I ordered stainless steel colour, which turned out to be full on chrome, making the inside look like a cheap amusement arcade, so…..start again.

I bought some abs edging from my panel supplier which exactly matches the panels. Ive always been crap at fitting worktop ends, but simply must try harder. Basically, contact adhesive both the panel and the edging strip, wait to go tacky and ‘shit it’s stuck’. After couple of failed attempts I’ve got a system and panels were being finished all over and looking great.

next is to trim the edging with a router, says the salesman. Yeah OK. Can I say routers are the devils spawn, designed to eat your work and spit it out as sawdust. Gggrrrrrr!!

No I’ve got it sorted. Apply the trim with the contact adhesive, ensuring it doesn’t stick to your forehead and after waiting for it dry, trim the edge carefully with a sharp broad wood chisel. then a light run with a mouse sander with fine paper on it. Looks the mutts nuts.

The cooker a Stoves 500 did lpg cooker with a grill and oven is fitted, the sink has been in and out a few times and now is fitted on the 3rd version of the worktop. The fridge a Waeco CR140 is one of the biggest 12v/mains compressor fridges on the market, works well and seems well made.

I’m intending fitting aluminium tambour doors to the kitchen unit and possibly overhead lockers, but that’s for the future.

The other step forward is that we have ordered our bed upholstery from SK Motorhomes in Featherstone which they are starting on the 21st March, so will report back on their work.

The cover photo for this section was taken yesterday on the road between Middleham and Kettlewell, locally known as Park Rash. If you’re ever up this way take a drive, its beautiful, if a little exposed.




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