Progress and getting Impatient

The featured image is a bit dull, some tins of glue, but this sums up the work I’ve been doing recently. Finish and look is important, but a part I don’t particularly enjoy, probably because I find it difficult.

A lot of the finishing requires the glue, with edging and carpet being glued all over the place. I had been struggling with the carpet a bit, completely unable to get it to stick properly and to match contours. How the hell do professionals get it to stick so well and to bend neatly round corners?

Well I’ve sussed it….they don’t use the carpet I bought. The stuff I have is a good 3-5 mm thick and fairly rigid beige ‘Camper Van lining carpet’. Well the secret is to buy the 2-3mm stretchy beige lining carpet. It’s a chuffing miracle glueing on perfectly with the purpose made spray glue supplied with it sprayed on the back side and solvent adhesive painted onto the surface it is to attach to. Leave it 5 minutes and it’s stuck. In fact stuck so well you need to get it right first time!!


The rear inside of the van is nearly finished now, with carpet trim around the rear frame and along the ceiling where the wall meets to cover the wonky join. We’ve decided we’re not going to put any overhead lockers in the rear section due to the raised floor over the water tank and storage. We may put up a narrow shelf along both sides in the future, but once sat on the 5″ thick cushions it may make it a little claustrophobic, so we’ll see how we feel after using it a while.

The doors at the back to cover the under floor storage are on and I’m part way through making the over sink/cooker storage cupboard.

We’ve ordered the rear beds which are being made as I speak by SK Motorhomes, Featherstone. I will definitely be getting them to do the driver and passenger seats after seeing their work on a van they had just completed at their premises. Extremely well upholstered with excellent attention to detail and no creases/wrinkles at all. I would say better than factory. The seats will have to wait a short while though as it’s £1300.

Something I am struggling with is how to finish the inside of the windows I’ve fitted, before fitting curtains or blinds. I have tried assorts, but nothing looks good. It seems no one does a finishing kit for self install windows, apart from the typical edging trim that knocks on over the cut metal edges. I sort of want a professional finish, but am struggling for ideas, so if anyone has any links or info that would be great!

I’ve packed in early today as all the glueing in a small space has left me a bit wobbly. Can’t be good for you (it does advise ventilation, but when have instructions every applies to me!?!

The impatience in the title related to my rising passion to get travelling and the fast approaching culmination of the Tour de Yorkshire which I project manage. The race is 29th April – 1st May, which means I work for a couple of weeks after the event and then have time off until I start he process again in September for 2017.

If you are interested the website is

I’m a bit unsure where to go this time. I fancy Scandinavia, but he costs are putting me off after all the money spent on the van. Perhaps next year when my wallet has got over the shock. The other plan is Germany and possibly Poland, with a further trip in August to France with Georgie our daughter who only get 2 weeks off training a year.


Part finished overhead locker, which like all other cupboards will have silver tambour doors.


Rear Storage doors


Internal finish in the rear of the van.

IMG_2103[1]240v Mains sockets


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