Two Steps Forward and One Step…..

I suppose it had to happen at some stage and to be fair it has taught me a lesson, but a bit late now.

My brand new Whale Expanse water heater is faulty and needed to come out! Not considering the removal, or just plain last, I fitted it and then boarded over it and built the shower room over the top. To compound the issue, where I fitted it didn’t give access to repair or service it…..Doh!

In my defence I did fit it brand new and tested it before closing it in. Once I had the sink fitted I fancied putting the heater on just for the novelty of seeing steaming hot water come out of the tap and down the drain…….nothing. No lights, apparently no power, nothing.

After trying everything, checking this and that, It seemed clear it was knackered. Ringing Propex Leisure where I bought it online, they very quickly sussed out I’d bought ‘one of the faulty batch’.

Apparently the PCB or circuit boards in a batch were failing as the gell coat was growing ‘fronds’ and shorting out. Not good for a new £700 product. Still to be fair to Propex Leisure they were straight on it. They would send an engineer out, but when I mentioned it would have to come out of the van to get access to the end cover, they said to let them know when it was out and they would courier it down to their base in Southhampton for repair.

Well a saw, a hammer and a chisel and I managed to rip the floor up to get access to the bolts and the heater was out. All needs a bit of tidying up when it goes back in, with captive bolts this time!!

Well two days it took for the heater to leave and be returned repaired with a new PCB. Great service!

The heater is back in and is now heating water brilliantly!

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