A while since my last post. Progress does seem slow, which is not due to a lack of interest, but a conspiracy between the fact that work on the van now is getting to the fiddly finishing stuff and the fact that my day job as Project Manager for a major sporting event is coming to that crescendo where the event if fast approaching. Basically, I don’t have a second to think of anything else but cycle racing!

However despite this quite a bit has moved forward.

We’ve now got our read bed/seat cushioned which have been beautifully made by SK Motorhomes, and I can’t recommend them enough. Beautifully precise stitching and attention to detail. I will definitely be getting the van seats re upholstered by them!! This addition of course has added a real change to the van, which actually looks quite finished in the back end. Getting the cushions gave me a bit of a shove to get the rear end all trimmed up, so I could get that end off the to do list.

The fitting of two led reading lamps didn’t go to plan with one of the cables ready to power the nearside one (furthest away from the electrical panels…typical!) refusing to show signs of life. Given it was all well builtin now, this required a bit of fiddling a new cable through the van so it couldn’t be seen. Still all sorted now and its nice and cosy in the back with the lamps on and curtains closed.

Did I mention curtains? I had to take the van to Mercedes in Tamworth to get the speed limiter removed (more on that later) so called in at Van X in Stoke on Trent for some of their tailored curtains. £40 per window and very nicely made from stretchy blackout material. They are nicely made and certainly look the business.

Getting the speed limiter removed didn’t go quite to plan. Booked in, all checked and verified they could remove it, having actually removed it and reinstalled it prior to purchase at my request to check it could be done before I stumped up the money. Well I drove all the way from Leeds to Tamworth (there is a reason for not going to Leeds Mercedes – basically they were unhelpful and fairly rude. I sat down was even a coffee, waited 30 minutes before and entourage came into the waiting room to tell me they couldn’t actually take he speed limiter off as it was locked by Mercedes and they needed a code from Germany to authorise it………Doh!! Grrrrrrr!!!!

“I thought it came off last time you checked it without a problem?”

Ahh, well we didn’t actually take it off, we just went so far and it looked like it would”


Anyway you get the idea. A full tank of fuel and a full day wasted. The plan now is for them to get the codes and get Leeds Mercedes to do it and all costs removed. So that at least will compensate me for my fuel. So I’m still bobbing along at 56 mph, which to be fair I’m quite used to now, but it still takes ages to get anywhere when you’re on the motorway.

I ordered and had delivered some bespoke tambour doors for the cupboards and a large on for the shower room. I’ve only fitting 1 so far and they’re not quite as easy as the youtube video suggested, but a little patience and lots of Vaseline and the one fitted looks good and works well. Once work quietens down the week after next, I’ll sort he rest.

Other than the work above, I’ve basically been beavering away on small finishing touches, trying to get that professional look to everything. Even if I say so, it’s not looking too bad. The one thing I’m struggling with is trimming around the windows. Because I used bonded windows which look great on the outside, they just leave bare cut metal on the inside. It does recommend using knock-on U section trim around the cut edges, but I hate the look. So I’ve used so wall carpet cut carefully to make a temporary job of it. I’m confident in the future I’ll be wandering around and see just the thing or divine inspiration?




And finally you will notice our very nice Scratch Off Map to track the countries the van has visited. I’m hoping it’s sniff as well………maybe not.

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