Scotland New Year 2017 (Nearly)

We decided once family days were over i.e. Christmas Day and Boxing Day we would buzz off to make the most of our time off. Scotland seemed a good choice as there were unlikely to be any midges about (I hate midges!!! Aarrgh!?)

This is the first time I have video’d a trip having been inspired by a couple of other blogs I’d seen. It’s not easy a) actually remembering to film and not feeling a pratt and b) …especially b) editing it into a reasonable format to make it worth watching.

I tired iMovie, but didn’t like it, finding clip sorting a bit of a pain, so this is the main reason it’s so late. I did try a number of times, but just couldn’t get into it at all. I then messed about with a couple of other free app’s, but eventually used GoPro’s own editing suite which seems OK.

Then came the problem of uploading the video to WordPress. I’ve paid for extra allowance and tried many times, reducing to size of video until it is definitely below the limit, but still it won’t upload, showing ‘Failed to load’ each time.

So here it is via Youtube and very rough as a first effort. I could quite enjoy movie making and have learnt a lot in terms of footage and stitching.

The title sums up the end of the trip ‘(nearly)’ as once we left Applecross and back into phone and 3G signal, Georgie our daughter managed to contact us to say two scallywags had arrived the night before in a stolen car and tried to force the front door looking for my car keys I suspect. I have a sealable car. Georgie disturbed them and they buggered off, but not before causing damage and frightening her a bit. So home early to celebrate New Year.

Applecross to Leeds in one go is a long way!!

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